The YouTube Trap

Have you ever fell for that YouTube trap of watching more videos than you should?  Come on.  You know what I’m talking about.  Last night I fell for that trap.  I was looking for a song, and listened to the original.  Then I wanted to hear a live version of the original artists – then I started listening to the covers of the original.  A few of them were awesome, but most were “pitchy” (Thanks Randy).

Why do we fall into that trap?  As much as we make fun of it, there is something about it that we can identify with.  If we didn’t identify with it, we wouldn’t spend hours looking at videos.  It could be that we admire their bravery for posting asinine representations of the real thing.  Maybe we just want to make fun because we’re mean.  Maybe we’re just bored.  But just like anything else in life – it tells us more about who we are than anything else.

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