Identity and Halloween

Identity and Halloween just goes together.  It’s the one time in the year when we let our inner identities come out – and it’s in disguise.

I am about to drive around San Diego just to see identity spillage all over the place.  For most of the the ones dressing up – it’s their opportunity to play out the identity that they wish they could – and not be questioned about it.

Even the costume says something about who you are.


13 thoughts on “Identity and Halloween

  1. lol wow cunning? No Im definitely not that. But yes, I have a pretty good imagination. I think you’re right, they play games, but I dont feel like I do. Im pretty straight forward. Not much of a game player though. =)

  2. I found this definition: a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers…i think im playful when Im comfortable with people, I tend to joke around I guess playful in that way

    1. I told u it says something about u – one of my friends said that she was a zombie. What does that mean?

      Be Unique, but Belong.

  3. lol hhmm I Dont really know, but this is the definition: zombi: a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force. I would have to know her, but maybe hat she is reborn?

  4. This was one of those few times that I didn’t dress up as anything. I was just “Me” … being a photographer on top of a hill. I took the last sunset of October 2010. What does that say about me, Lem?

    1. A. Lani, u think of things that no one else thinks of. This is not fair because I know you but yoy always find beauty in everything.

      Be Unique, but Belong.

  5. “A. Lani, u think of things that no one else thinks of. This is not fair because I know you but yoy always find beauty in everything” what a wonderful thing to say about someone.

  6. Thanks, Lem. I really needed to hear that. It’s been rough these couple of days. I think I use my camera to escape so I can find “Beauty”.

    Thanks, Nancy, for your comment. =) Encouraging words are like waves that washes away sadness. Lem is great at that.

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