I am not much of a list guy.  I like writing stuff down, but I like mind maps more than I like lists.

Today, I saw a book about lists.  It was your life in lists.  Each page had a heading at the top and you had to list whatever was at the top, i.e. The places you’ve lived or All the vacations you’ve ever taken.  Okay, so I am not sure those 2 were in there, but you get the idea.  I was most interested in the “what does it say about you” feature.

I’m going to make it a feature on my other blog.  I’m going to start lists just to learn about myself.

What would make a good list?  Please leave a comment and share it with me.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I often ask myself questions/write lists basically as a self-inventory, to identify elements of my character, personality, priorities, convictions, etc. For example:

    Question: “What are the five things that you hate the most?”
    Answer: Apathy. Hypocrisy. Self-righteousness. Injustice. A lack of compassion.

    Then, I ask myself,.. WHY? Why do I hate those things so much? The answer to almost everything above is that I have seen the damage that it does to those in need, when others choose to be apathetic, hypocritical, and self-righteous. I have seen the suffering of those who are victims of injustice and cruelty. And, it grieves me. It angers me. It troubles me. And, those are reactions that come from deep within me, because the things that I most value are the opposite of all of those things. Thus, those things violate my convictions and the things that matter the most to me.

    So, asking those questions – and making those “lists” of answers – helps me to know my own heart and mind, better.

    1. Can you share more about how it helps you to know your heart and mind better? I’m so interested in that. I want to learn how to do that better, and also see how others deal with it. Thanks for the comments again.

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