Initial Thoughts on TEDx San Diego

I attended TEDx San Diego.  I have watched the TED talks online.  I’ve listened to podcasts about people being at the TED event.  This though was my first TED event.  Even though it’s just a TEDx event, all the rules still apply.  They referred to it as the TED commandments.  Now I usually try and keep my posts to 100 words, but this one might be a little longer.  If you want to skip to the end – that’s fine.  I know you’re used to around 100 words.

My mind is full.  I tweeted alot today.  If you want to check out some of my tweets, you can do so on my Twitter profile.  Just do a search for #tedxsd and you’ll see some of my thoughts.  I haven’t processed through all of the information.  It was almost 9 hours or information overload.  Even though the talks ranged from 12-20 minutes, we listened to 22 world class minds teach us about their craft.  It’ll take me weeks to process and consequently, it’ll be the fodder for my posts for weeks to come I’m sure.  I do have a few initial thoughts that I’ll just list out without really any explanation – mainly because I don’t have one for right now.  I just have these recurring ideas that are ringing true – for me – until I process my thoughts about all of this.  It was a great day.  I am definitely overwhelmed.  Join me as I think through some of my thoughts.

1.  There are some brilliant people around us.

2.  It costs alot of money to gather and share ideas.

3.  We  need that human connection.  No matter how awesome we are at blogging – the face to face conversation of all of this is way better.

4.  It is exclusive to be around inspiration.  Is that a good thing?

5.  What I love about the academicians that share at the TED events is that they actually care about the human application to their ideas.  Theoreticians aren’t super great at being a practitioner.  Like the saying goes – those who can do – teach.

6.  Every one in that room could have given a talk.

7.  What other venues do people gather in to share ideas?

8.  It’s such a great movement to be a part of.

9.  What’s the difference between the speakers and me?

Not sure I will answer all of these, but I can tell you this.  I was truly inspired today.  I loved being a part of it.  I met some incredibly amazing people today – brilliant, passionate, amazing people. I like being a part of something like that.

One last thing, I’m sure there are hundreds of people that couldn’t come to the event – for whatever reason – that are just as brilliant.  Where will they gather and share their ideas?  Will we ever hear their story?  I hope they get their opportunity to share their humanity.

Thanks TED. 

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