Obsessed with Resumes

I heard that today in a talk.  We are obsessed with resumes – as if our resume is the complete catalog of our value and worth.  We write it all out, and we use it to get jobs.

I heard last week that when the Israel was in captivity in Egypt – you know, the whole Prince of Egypt movie – they’re value and worth was measured in bricks.  They found their worth in how many bricks they could make.  They created a resume everyday by knowing the number of bricks they created.  The more bricks they made, the more bricks were required.

Thankfully, you’re more than your resume.  Don’t get me wrong – have an amazing one, and there’s nothing wrong with making bricks.  But just be amazing – that’s much better. 

3 thoughts on “Obsessed with Resumes

    1. Im a big fan of telling my students to just “be amazing.”. Seriously, what’s stopping them? What stops us? Sometimes we just need permission so that’s what I do. Anyone can be amazing if they want to be. Thanks for the comment Nancy.

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