The Evolution of Connection

I heard a talk yesterday (I don’t have my notes from yesterday so I can’t tell you who) , and the speaker gave the evolution of connection.  It went something like this – people connect to people and now people can connect to machines (cars, headsets, phones, technology).

His talk focused mainly on the way that a human can connect with a car.  There is technology that will enable that sort of connection which will lead to safer and better lives.  Mainly that the car or the technology will make better decisions and be a better driver.

The talk was fascinating, but in the evolution of connection one key thing is missing.  Connection starts with the self connecting to self.  We don’t teach that.  We don’t talk about it.  The speaker missed it.  If there is a good connection with soul to self or self to self – better decisions will be made.

Connection to your soul is not very easy.  That takes work, but it’ll translate to such a better experience of everything – or so I think. What do you think?

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