Cancelled Class

I was sitting in the college cafe today, and I overheard a student talk about how her class was cancelled today.  She was so excited that her class was cancelled today.

What is it about a cancelled class that feels so good?  It’s like Christmas.  Students are just so excited.

What do you think?  Why does it make you happy?  I guess it all depends on the class because some classes might make us so sad to miss.

2 thoughts on “Cancelled Class

  1. hey brutha… i totally agree. i was on campus at APU the other day, my alma mater. I went to one of the old buildings that i had a class at. i specifically remember when i to class one winter morning – cold as a mug – and there was no class. even though i was mad at first at my proff for not letting me know… the warmth of my sheets never felt so good and caused me to forget about my anger 🙂 Yay for cancelled class!!!

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