Do Your Eyes Smile?

We talked about it in class this week.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  They mouth might be smiling, but their eyes give it away.  It’s like they look through you or past you.  Showing teeth might be a smile, but a genuine one happens with the eyes.

They say that when the eyes smile that it is involuntary – making it a genuine smile.  You can’t control it or fake it.  Eye smiling – do you notice it?  Do you know what it looks like?  What does it say about you – when you smile with your eyes?


2 thoughts on “Do Your Eyes Smile?

  1. dude, you know waht is funny is that most peeps feel like even when they are trying to smile, they are barely cracking one. you know what i mean. try it. give a little smurk or whatever. you will feel like you are in a full-on smile, but then go look in teh mirror and you arent. but yeah, it’s funny you bring this up. i practice smiling. it is easy to change your facial expression wehn your mood changes. but like all good politicians, if you can learn to control your expressions, it makes all teh difference in the world. i am speaking from the standpoint of how this ties in withbeing a leader, of course. much love…

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