Identity and Hair

I need a haircut so I was looking at the reviews of the some of the places around here, and oh man – people can be kinda crazy about their hair.  Here are some of the comments:

– I’ve been going to “x” for years.

– I won’t let anyone else touch my hair.

– I’m the kind of person if my hair is not looking good I’m having a bad day – this one was my personal favorite.

Many of the posts also included pricey, professional, and perfect.  The one descriptor that stood out to me though was Trust.  Looking at the reviews, you see how much of one’s identity is connected to their hair, but more importantly, it takes a huge amount of trust to let someone handle your “hair.”  Not only will people pay alot of money for a haircut, they will only allow someone that they completely trust to do so.

Here’s the takeaway (I don’t always have them in my posts).  Only those that I trust can touch my identity.  Thank you.  

One thought on “Identity and Hair

  1. I just got a hair cut today… and the last time I got a trim was 6 months ago! But I have been going to the same lady for years. I trust her… she knows my hair… and she does a great job! I do pay more money for a great cut! It’s so worth it!!! My “Identity” benefits from it!

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