Finding Your Voice

I was listening to Mitch Joel’s podcast, and he made a comment about finding your voice.  It’s a line that you hear bloggers say.  People blog to “find their voice,” and it’s suppose to be this process of figuring out what to say in your blog.

Mitch Joel said that finding your voice is not some destination – that at some point you figure out how to say what you’re saying in your blog.  I love his perspective where every time you write that it’s risk and discovery.  Anytime you put out an idea – no matter how lame – that you set yourself up for someone to rip on your ideas.  If you tie your identity into your ideas then someone ripping on your ideas is someone ripping on you.

Well, you might be your ideas, but let them rip.  Find your voice.  Take a risk.  Discover an idea.  Thanks Mitch.

9 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice

  1. I loved this. Thanks Lem…I love reading what you write. You’re not just good at it, you are so insightful – and authentic. Your transparency encourages me to do the same. You bless me…


    1. It’s from all the reading and listening to podcasts. Julie – do you listen to podcast? I think you would produce such a great podcast. I read your stuff and would be totally interested to hear how you’d explain it vocally. Just saying.
      I steal all of my insights from other people.
      Thanks for the comment and the reading.

  2. Ok, don’t laugh @ me…I’m being vulnerable…hehe…what’s a podcast? Is that like a sermon or lecture or something that you’ve downloaded to your Ipod? You want ME to podcast? You really think I should? Oye…I’m not sure if I could. I’d need a hair & make-up stylist. I’m not as articulate when I actually “talk”. It’s hard enough to write it, much less make sense OUT loud. I am starting to sound like Moses, aren’t I???

    1. Its like a radio show but u post it to your blog – no need for make up. Just rant and riff on a subject. I think you’d be pretty good at it. Just saying.
      Pod (iPod) + Cast (newscast) = newscast on an iPod. I’ll send u a link to some examples.

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