The Seduction of Free


1. The action of seducing someone.
2. A tempting or attractive thing.


Verb: Make free, in particular.
Adverb: Without cost or payment:
Have you ever been to Costco on the weekends? You know where I’m going with this right? They have all of these tables set up with free samples. The smells fill the air. The seduction of free says – get to me – no matter what.
Have you ever seen the shopping carts at Costco? Those suckers are huge. And where teriyaki mahi mahi or a Hebrew National hot dog calls your name, people forget how big their shopping carts are do all that they can to get to the free samples. The seduction says – do what you can in order to get one of those free samples or you’re going to have to wait 10 minutes before the next batch is made.
The seduction makes you push and run people over in order to get there. Really, the seduction of free highlights the selfishness more than anything.

This post was inspired by @peters_brian.

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