I Never Used to Like Dogs

Well, I had a little dog growing up. I loved that dog.  It was my dog.  I took care of that dog.  Then we had to move, and we couldn’t have pets in our Condo.  My dad gave away the dog without letting anyone know.  We didn’t even get to say goodbye.  It kinda makes me sad just thinking about it.  I think I was so hurt that I decided not to like dogs or pets after that.

Fast forward 15 years, I meet my wife.  They have dogs.  She loves dogs.  They’ve had them all their lives.  I honestly wasn’t a big fan of their dogs.  I think I was pretty heartless when Buster – their cat had to be put down.  I didn’t win too many sympathy points for that.  I remember the day too – 09.10.01.

A year into marriage, we ended up getting a German Short-haired Pointer that we named Koa.  Koa is my dog.  He’s got boundless energy – just like me.  I love this dog.  Well, I learned to love this dog.  We got him when he was an annoying little puppy.  We’ve had him for 8 years now.

Hula – is our other dog.  She’s a German Shepherd mix.  She looks like a wolf to us.  She’s a rescue.  We have a love/hate relationships.  She’s definitely DC’s dog.  She absolutely beautiful and scary all at the same time.  She really can hula.

For the longest time, I held on to my “I’m not a dog fan” identity.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with them.  I have since gotten to know these dogs, and they have changed my identity.  I really have a social connection with these dogs.  They don’t know that I Never Used to Like Dogs.

5 thoughts on “I Never Used to Like Dogs

  1. I always have had dogs. Thunder was one of my favorites, a little mutt we had when I was young. We also owned a couple of whippets, Leo and Louie. I used to own two dalmatians, Dugas and Thompson, and a retired racing greyhound, Verily. Our dog now is a black lab/german shepherd mix, Kia. I wrote this comment because they’ve all been part of my family and identity. I never loved them like I love my wife and daughters. However, I’m not ashamed to say that they have all meant a lot to me.

    1. I used to make fun of people that could somehow “know” what dogs were saying or feeling. I totally find myself saying the same things. I really do know what they’re saying.
      Maybe I should do a post on horse owners. That’s a whole other level of knowing what the animal is saying.
      Thanks for sharing Tom. Always insightful thoughts.

  2. I’ve always had English Springer Spaniels, just because I love that they love to be a part of the family. We have had seven total and at most three at a time and always female. We currently have one, Fanny, who is fifteen and knows me better than anyone. Each has had a very distinct personality and traits. Abby was great at identifying voices and adored Robert Cazimero, no other Hawaiian music, just the Cazimero’s. While Brandy loved to chase golf balls across a field. You get the picture, just like us, we’re all different.
    My dogs have enriched my life because they freely given their love and friendship and ask nothing in return.

    1. JoAnn – that’s pretty amazing. Dogs are pretty darn amazing. I love you line where you say that Fanny knows you better than anyone – and she’s 15. Amazing. Any dog that can the tell the difference between Robert and Roland is pretty smart. Thanks for sharing this. I’m a dog lover again. They definitely love and ask nothing in return. Great insight.

  3. That’s great! I’m the same way. I am not a dog fan. But, I did love my grandparents’ black lab, growing up. I’ve basically just tolerated dogs, since that one.

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