Reciprocity Reflex

Sounds fancy doesn’t it.  I don’t know what you think about when you first hear the phrase.  Honestly, I haven’t really heard of it until recently.  I am not even sure who gave the talk, but I still remember the example.

It had to do with the feeling that you get when someone gossips – you feel empowered to reciprocate.  When someone gossips – you automatically either have to gossip back and support the gossip or walk away.  Typically, the Reciprocity Reflex kicks in and we jump on in and gossip away.  That was the example that was given.  But it is possible to take the concept into other arenas.

It would be nice if we automatically were nice or even more nice when someone is nice to us.  It would be cool if someone blessed us and we blessed back 10 fold.

I guess the concept works in both negative and positive domains.  I guess the idea is that it is something that we automatically do back.  What concept comes to mind when you think of Reciprocity Reflex?

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