Everyone Eavesdrops

Tonight, I tweeted that I was wondering where the word “bobby pin” came from.  I had a few responses, but a new friend Natalie tweeted back the answer.  She also said that she didn’t “mean to eavesdrop” to which I tweeted back – Everyone Eavesdrops, it’s Twitter.

It used to be rude to eavesdrop on a conversation that you weren’t a part of.  But the world has changed.  Not only does Everyone Eavesdrops, many other things happen along side that.  Everyone is talking and only a few listen.  We have be conditioned to avoid the noise and block out the distraction.  We have been conditioned to keep talking – even when no one is listening.  But it’s okay on Twitter.  It’s okay to keep yelling because everyone else is doing the same.

Very soon, the behaviors will catch up to us and it’ll happen offline.  Have you ever heard someone talk on their cell phone in a public place?  We don’t keep things private any longer – there’s no need to.

Soon eavesdropping – even in real life will be no big deal.  I wonder what other things will come because Everyone Eavesdrops.

Thanks for the insight Natalie – oh – and if you want to know where “bobby pin” comes from, ask her – @nataliedaily.

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