One Way Friendships

I have lots of “friends.”  I actually have lots of friends in real life.  It works for my personality.  I do have lots of friends online – hundreds.

Inherent in online relationships is this idea of One Way Friendships.  It has to do with those “friends” that you follow and even care about, but you really don’t know in a face-to-face basis.  Last week, when Steve Jobs retired, we talked about him like we were going to miss an old friend.  We know so much about him – at least – we think we know so much about him.  It’s a one way friendship.

I have a few people that I follow on Twitter.  I keep an eye on their posts.  I know how they are doing.  I have talked to some of them over Skype so I’ve had some “real” interaction with them.  But they’re all One Way Friendships – where one person knows everything about the other person but that person doesn’t have a clue about the person that knows them.

We can follow friends and have tons of One Way Friendships.  But is it really a friendship?  Is it really a relationship?  Is it celebrity?  I’ll just call it One Way Friendships.

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