You are You When You’re Hungry

Have you seen that Snicker’s commercial – where the tagline is – You’re not You When You’re Hungry – they’re wrong.  You are the real you when you are hungry.  You are the real you when you’re mad.  You are the real you when you aren’t filtering.  It’s a great commercial for Snickers, but from the identity development perspective, it’s wrong.  Just saying.

Now it’s time for a Snickers.


4 thoughts on “You are You When You’re Hungry

  1. I don’t know if I agree (maybe I’m just playing devil’s advocate here). I find myself doing things I later regret doing (and even regret when I do them) when I’m angry (or as the Snickers commercial would argue, hungry). I think that the “real me” is the part that doesn’t like what I’m doing (kind of in the same way that Paul talks about wrestling with himself in Romans 7). Just a thought.

    1. Yes – totally. That’s what I’m saying – when you’re hungry – it is the real you. The Snickers commercial is saying that you’re not really you when you’re hungry. Either way – I agree with your Devil’s Advocacy. Oh, and btw, the Devil does fine. He doesn’t need an advocate. Hahaha.

  2. I think we’re taking the same information and drawing the different conclusion. I think that because you act in a different way (when you’re hungry), it’s not the real you. The “real you” is the part of you that criticizes those actions later and regrets them. My understanding is that you feel it’s the real you originally doing those actions and then not the real you later.

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