More Grace

As a teacher and eternal student, I have been in a context where it’s all about more knowledge, more information, more research – just more data.  Well, I guess it’s also getting A’s and more advance degrees.  It’s built into my life.  I have a doctorate in education.  It’s my job and it’s my passion.  I am curious and I just need to know.  I want to learn.  I want to figure it out.  I need more information.

But that is not true.  I have lots of information.  You get to the point where you can make stuff up and get it published.  It’s not a bad deal to make up information – that no one else is making up – and legitimately do so.

I need more grace.  I need to be more gracious.  There’s something so cool about it.  It’s what makes you classy – IMO.  Grace makes you a gentleman.  I got knowledge, and I want more – but I need more grace.

It’s just a part of my identity.

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