Setting up Boundaries

I was thinking through boundaries today.  I have read books on them.  I have heard people talk about them.

Most of the time, I hear about it in the context of boundaries in a vacuum – meaning – setting up boundaries ahead of time and far away from this magical line of this is too far.

I was listening to a talk, and they were telling stories of their boundaries in their life.  They thought that they had set up boundaries, but then realized as they got close to them that they were mis-placed.

It led me to think about knowing what your limits are to know where your boundaries.  More than anything, it’s really knowing yourself well enough to know where those boundaries.

Now, I don’t think I’ll get many people to come along.  Even as I write this, I think through my boundaries and am not too sure that I want to head out there to find out what the limit is.

You can either set up boundaries from far away or walk right up to the limits to know for sure.  Either way, your boundaries say so much about who you are.

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