Why A Watch?

I recently got a watch as a gift.  It was a gorgeous watch.  It’s very cool looking.  I didn’t recognize the brand so I did a quick Google search for it.  It’s worth quite a lot.  It’s quite a nice watch.

I have a few watches actually.  Nice watches.  They aren’t cheap ones either.  They are all very stylish.

But why wear a watch?  I don’t know the last time I wore one.  A hundred years ago, they were quite expensive and only those that could afford one wore one.  20 years ago, I was super stoked on my Casio.  But it’s a one function device.  It tells time.  I don’t need a watch for that.

There has to be other reasons for watches.  They’re quite spendy.  Maybe it’s an identity thing.  Maybe it’s a comfort thing.  Who knows?  You don’t need them to tell you the time though.

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