Man Damage

I heard this phrase this week.  It stood out to me because I’ve never thought about it before.  Although, it’s titled Man Damage, it could just as well be Woman Damage.  It works both ways.

The basic gist has to do with the stuff that we bring into relationships.  A woman will being the wounds and damage inflicted by all the previous men that she has dated.  Again, a man will bring woman damage into their next relationships.

Two things stand out to me.

1. Know that it happens.  It becomes a part of our identity.  We bring our hurts and wounds into our relationships.

2. Don’t be one that inflicts Man Damage.  That stuff stings and is brought forward.

What do you think?  Have you experienced Man Damage?

One thought on “Man Damage

  1. I have in the past. That kind of damage can leave a permanent scar if it’s not nursed properly. The one inflicting may not be aware that he is but he is. And sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it until he or she deals with the past hurts. So that’s where forgiveness steps in. It’s hard but it has to happen. Until the other person has forgiven his or her past (person or situation), then that’s when healing and freedom from pain will begin…and the current relationship they have now can start moving forward. But for the mean time, if the damage continues to happen, you still have to love them unwaveringly through this painful process. That’s if you think he or she is worth it. Prayer, understanding, patience, and wisdom are much needed to help the ones that we love to stop the damage.

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