How You Feel About Your Body…

….impacts the way you treat it.  The way you feel about your body is the way that you will treat your body.

Have you even thought about how you feel about your body?  How often do you think about your body?  Do you treat your body in the same way that you feel about it?

The messages of magazines and tv shows these days batter our self-concept of our bodies, our selves, our smell, our look, our outlook.  When we are bombarded with messages and words that constantly say that ‘we’re not good enough,’ we start to treat ourselves in the same way that we think of ourselves.

We probably will not stop the bombardment, but we can find someone to speak a nice word to us.  We can find someone to change the message and words that govern the way we feel about our body.  That might even change the way we treat our bodies.


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