Israel Trip So Far

It has been absolutely overwhelming. We are physically tired. We are emotionally overwhelmed. The mind is full of questions, images, and new information. I have a renewed passion for reading the Scriptures from more of a Hebrew perspective. I’m here for a few more days, but I cannot wait to get back.

It will take awhile to process all that I have learned. I have enjoyed the teaching and the reading of the Scriptures. I loved Megiddo. We hiked Mt Arbel (it was foggy so we couldn’t see a thing. It rained and was super muddy, but was still awesome). It was interesting to be at Bethsaida, and it’s a nothing site, but quite overwhelming for me. I enjoyed the lesson we learned at Ceserea Philippi – there was so much sin there and evidently, what happened at Ceserea Philippi stayed at Ceserea Philippi – and Jesus went there.

I am not going to share everything that I’ve learned here. I still have to process it a bit more.

Here’s the deal though (warning – this might be a little bit of complaining. We have been praying and reading the Scriptures around here. It’s great that we can see exactly where we are situated in the story and get insight in that way – but it’s not like the prayer and the worship is any different here than it is at home. It’s great to be here and learn, but you don’t need to be here. I’ve kinda heard a few people say that it seems more real because we are here – and I don’t think it’s any more real just because you’re in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. The authority that is sent out from here is just as good at home. The prayers that are prayed here aren’t any more special that the ones that we say at home. It is so cool to see and experience though.

I am excited to teach this stuff when I get back, and would love to talk to you about your experience here.


2 thoughts on “Israel Trip So Far

  1. “The authority that is sent out from here is just as good as home.” …I love your statement. You’re right. Prayers here are as special as it is there. I would love to physically experience it though. Do they have Tapioca Drinks there, Lem? Haha! Be blessed.

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