Just How American You Are

Seeing as this is suppose to be a blog about Identity, I figured I’d write something about my identity.

You don’t really know just how American you are – until you leave the US. It’s been pretty interesting to be in Israel and intentionally process through just how American I am.

I have enjoyed learning about their culture and I’m realizing that I am really interested in learning more about it – especially since I get the chance to teach the Bible. I value different things. I feel compassion to different things. My sense of fairness and “right”ness is very much American.

On this trip, I have been called out and I’ve been the one that gets stopped. When we were leaving our layover in Turkey on our way to Israel, I got called out from my seat. Someone had confirmed that 24A was my seat. They then came back and asked me to deboard the plane – kinda intimidating. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I had to walk down the stairs – there wasn’t a little jetway to the terminal. My luggage was in the middle of the tarmac. I was surrounded by airline representatives and few cops. They needed me to open my bag.

It ended up being nothing.

When I got to Israel, off the jet way on the way to customs – all the guys that I’m with walk right pass the security. I get stopped and hassled a bit.

What does this have to do with being American – well, all I could think was – why are they hassling me? I’m American. Oh, and I kept my thought to myself – but it really surprised me to think of some of these things. I really am so American. It’s much easier to see when I’m somewhere else.


2 thoughts on “Just How American You Are

  1. ^were you wearing that shirt? hahaha jk That would be interesting to be more of an “outsider” after being so used to being on the “inside” all these years in America.

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