LL48: The Old Way of Leadership

……..still works.

Lots of places today uses the old style of leadership.  They rule like they’re dictators.  It’s leaders that hide in the room and never walk around the place.  They still want to be asked for permission.  Leaders who hoard information and spin like crazy because they don’t think anyone deserves the information – represent the old way of leadership.

The new way of leadership works much better today.  Things have changed and the leaders that recognize these changes will get farther than the one using the old way of leadership.  These leaders are so incredible with people that they don’t even realize how much they are doing in leadership.  They are out with the people, and that’s the thing, they don’t lead an organization – they lead people.  It takes a better and strong kind of person to lead people.  They don’t need to be asked for permission.  As leaders, they give permission.  They don’t need to hoard information and they don’t need to spin because they’ve got nothing to hide.

This isn’t everything about the old and new way of leadership, but you get the picture.

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