Identity and Emotions

The work of identity formation – creating and shaping identity can be so emotional.  When you are working on who you are – it’s hard emotional work.

We tend to wrap our identities around something – our work, our kids, our looks, our car – something.  Whenever you put your identity out there – you set yourself up for people to criticize that thing that you find your identity in.  Whenever you project an identity, people start picking it apart.

Sometimes you succumb to the pressure and the emotions and you shut down.  That’s when your identity is shaped.

Sometimes you hear the critique and you step it up and you disregard what anyone is saying and you just go for it.

In either case, it’s an emotional endeavor.  Identity formation is for the absolutely emotionally strong and the unbelievably emotional weak.  Identity and Emotions just kinda go together.

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