The Culture of Want

We have only been living in a Culture of Want for about a hundred years.  Only until we mechanized the production of thing did we start to market to people’s wants.  Before that time, it was a Culture of Need.  We only bought what we needed.  We only built what we need.  We bought things and took care of it until we NEEDed another one.  That was the mentality before the 1910’s.  After that time, it became about the things that we Wanted.  It made us unhappy because the marketers appealed to our wants.  Corporations capitalized on it, and created the Culture of Want.

This reminds me of my posts on First World Problems.  We “need” the next and newest iPhones.  That is why you have a new laptop even though the last one still works.  It’s just not the newest one.  Car companies are masters at making you feel like you “need” a new car.

I am not saying that the Culture of Want is necessarily bad.  If you’ve been blessed with the means to buy what you want – then by all means – that’s on you.  But so much of our happiness relies on our wants, and that’s not necessarily a sustainable identity for everyone.  Are you bound by the Culture of Want?  By no means.  At the end of the day, it’s you’re happiness.  I’m just trying to help you understand it better with this post.

Are you happy?

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