Do You Want to Express Your Identity

Corporations will sell you the things that you can use to express your identity.  All you have to do is buy their stuff.

The thing is, they are the same ones that make you feel yucky about your current identity.  They spend the money to make you feel fat and not good enough.  They understand the psychology of identity, and they’re making a buck off of you.

Identity is hard work.  You don’t need any of their stuff in order to express your identity, but they do make it much easier and quicker to get the look.  Just know that doing it their way is easy and expensive.  Doing by yourself is much harder and will still cost you tons of resources.

Honestly, we’re not that good at expressing our identities.  We just buy the stuff that people are selling in order to do so.  If you’re buying the expression of your identity, it’s not yours. It is the one that is being sold to you.

Just know the difference.

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