What Inspires the Art in You?

I was listening to to a talk by Trustworthy Kevin Smith.  He’s a film maker.  He made the movie Clerks.  I was listening to a talk that he did – I think it might have actually been an interview.  He was chronicling his career and his journey.

He talked about his now famous film Clerks.  It was a low budget film.  He was this unknown indie film maker.  He made this movie that got bought at the right time.

He was saying that his little film got huge, and the people that watched it would think to themselves – “this counts?  I can do that.”  He showed so many other film makers that they too can make a film. He says that Clerks was the film that in essence would inspire the art in other people.  It got them to think, if this counts – then I can do this.

The insight is to find what inspires the art in you.  It might not be Clerks.  I might be a hero.  It might be your neighbor.  It might be your family.  It doesn’t matter what it is – but whatever it is – find what inspires the art in you.  Then – make Art.

One thought on “What Inspires the Art in You?

  1. This is a great story Lem…you raise a great question. I had no idea until my late thirties that I could actually label myself as creative or artistic. It seemed so arrogrant. Now I see that it takes even more humility to say, “Wow! Lord, thank you for this gift!”

    With that comes the responsibility to use our gifts to the best of our ability, focusing our talents in the unique way God has made us.

    What inspires the art in me is the question, “Lord, what can we create together?”

    We are created for good works in Christ Jesus which God has already prepared for us to do beforehand. (Eph. 2). Seen from this perspective, this truth is remarkable and the possibilities are limitless. The challenge is connecting God-given imagination to action.

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