Spiritual Abuse

Living in Fear – that could be another title for this post. I first heard about Spiritual Abuse when I was in grad school.  One of my professors was doing some pretty good work on Spiritual Abuse. I heard a talk yesterday about growing up in an environment of fear – as opposed to an […]

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To Not Care What People Think

……is not an easy thing to do. But just like anything else, the more you do, the better you become at it.  It’s a pretty natural thing to have opinions about others so it’s natural that people might have opinions about you.  But to get to the point where you do not care what people […]

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Education and Fear

I have been reading Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.  Click here to get it for yourself.  I think it’ll be inspiration for a few more blog posts.  He highlights how our educational system is built to prey upon our fears. What we have fundamentally done is created students that are afraid of getting a bad grade. […]

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Fear and Identity

I had a conversation yesterday about this idea.  We were talking about just the news of the week, and the comment that ended the conversation was Fear Sells. I read this morning in Seth Godin’s blog, and he has written about Fear, scarcity and value.  He says that we avoid things that we fear.  If […]

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Irrational Fears

I had an incredible conversation today with a 12 year old about Irrational Fears.  It was an interesting conversation as this 12 year old was able to first, articulate that she had a rational fear, and then second, that she was willing to accept it. We have as part of our identities – Irrational Fears. […]

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Fear and Faith

So I heard a preacher tonight talk about fear and faith.  His description of the two was so simple yet so profound – to me at least. He said that fear is not being able to see the future but believing that it will happen. He also said that faith is not being able to […]

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