Bottom 20 Posts

I created a page for my top 20 posts. I thought that I’d do the same for the bottom 20.

If You Tell Yourself That You’re Beautiful – I can’t believe more didn’t read this one.  I think you guys are not worried about this.

Public is the New Private – a post about oversharing

Quiet – shhhhhh

Content and Connections and Community – a post on how to build relationships online

Have You Ever Watched Passion – a post about passionate people and how weird that can look at times

Most of the Time – a post about how much complaining we do

What We Teach – a post about what we as teachers teach – I know – it’s kind of a lame description and that’s probably why it didn’t get read

Body Ideal – a post about body modification and identity expression

Putting Your Stuff Out There – a blog post about blogging

On Fitting In – a post about Seth Godin’s book Poke the Box and being a weirdo

No One Without – a post about some friends making a difference in the world

Family Center of Focus – a post about how my niece was going to become the focus of the family – and she has – so awesome

What More Will Do – one of my favorite posts and coolest ideas; but it just didn’t have a catchy enough title

Hiding Behind a Blog – a post about having strong opinions and no courage

Our Cravings Define Us – a post about a spam and egg burrito

Supertasker – a post about how there’s no such thing as a multi-tasker

What Would Life Be like Without TV – the title is pretty self-explanatory

The Year of Living Like Jesus – a post about Ed Dobson’s book

Friends and Followers – a post about knowing the difference

Your Inner Narcissim – it’s not necessarily a bad thing