Top Twenty Posts

I was wondering today what my top 20 posts were. I wanted to learn about who reads my blog and maybe write more posts like them – because these are the posts that are getting the most hits. Just an exercise but then I decided to share the posts as well. Enjoy – again.


Emotions and Blogging – a post about how blogging is emotional – hahaha – pretty explanatory I guess

Faking ADHD – a post about how we all have it

Your Inner Alva – a post that a friend of mine asked me to write; it got a ton of hits

Bigorexia – lots of people are interested in this

Pretending to be Someone Else – a post about identity experiments

The Semiotics of Clothes 3 – gyaru identity – you have to check out the identity expressions with this one

Free Digital Book – people want free

The Psychology of Cute – only the cute people read this one

Twitter Ticker Tape – a simple observation

The Humble Brag – a line from NCIS LA

Facebook is Your New Drug – we all need a hit of Facebook

What Your Starbucks Drink Says About You – what your drink reveals about you

Truth is Still Truth – a post about being judgmental

Psychology of Cool – only the cool people read this one

Fallor Ergo Sum – a post about our mistakes

Emotionally Frozen – it got tons of hits because people struggle with this

Family Sculpture – a post about knowing yourself; don’t read it if you don’t want to learn about yourself

Leadership Lessons – not actually a post but a page of posts of my leadership lessons – the ones that I’m learning

Teaching Students vs. Teaching Subjects – a post about knowing the difference

Your Name – an insight into your name and identity

3 thoughts on “Top Twenty Posts

  1. It is highly original, and rather brave, to list your Bottom 20 Posts (in a separate entry) too. You noted possible reasons for lack of page hits for each. Good! Understanding increases future achievement.

    Your candid display of humility and self-introspection is rare. Only a confident person with good humor and grace would do that. I hope your virtue is recognized and leads to successful outcomes of your goals.

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