The Way Family Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Way Family Podcast.  It comes out June 20, 2016 and you can find it here.  We talked about #identityformation and the impact that #socialmedia can have on identity.  We also briefly talked about extended adolescence and the way that #millenials are being formed because of […]

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What’s Already In You

As I write this – I think about how simple this idea is, but sometimes it’s the simple ones that really stand out and grabs my attention.  This idea has. When something is done to us – we will typically “blame” our response or reaction on the person that has done something to us.  Don’t get […]

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Everyone Overcompensates

Everyone overcompensates. Everyone has insecurities. Everyone has ADD. We all talk to ourselves.  Some of us are actually kind to ourselves. We all get lonely sometimes. We all need friends. We all get hungry. We all think about what other people think about us – but many of us don’t really know that for sure. […]

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Emotion Words

I am needing to learn more emotion words.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  I got the normal and natural words that we think of when I think about emotions.  Sometimes though, you feel an emotion and the normal, natural words just don’t do it justice.  If you’re like me, you might just […]

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Deep Hurt

Every experience shapes and forms us. There’s no escaping it. All of our Deep Hurts have a powerful influence on our identity. When you are conscious of your Deep Hurt, you react and respond to it accordingly. Some of us push it down. Some of us charge after it head on. We all deal with […]

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The Range of Comfortable

Take any aspect of your life.  There is a range that you are comfortable with – no matter what aspect you think about. For instance – when it comes to food, we all have a range of types of foods and tastes that we are comfortable.  Andrew Zimmern has a wide range of tastes that […]

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Identity and Emotions

The work of identity formation – creating and shaping identity can be so emotional.  When you are working on who you are – it’s hard emotional work. We tend to wrap our identities around something – our work, our kids, our looks, our car – something.  Whenever you put your identity out there – you […]

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